Letting Go

Letting go means to surrender the person, place or thing to freedom and realize the moment is out of my hands.

Its not a concept foreign to any one on the planet. Letting go of a person place or a thing is difficult for all of us on some level. The concept creates insecurity and attachment maybe even anger and greed.  Still though it is inevitable. Things change, people die or move, jobs change, relationships change, so how do we support this rather than fight against it!

Surely the change and impermance of the seasons could be of some support.

The seasons support us is ways beyond our imagination. Each offering its unique gift and opportunity. On a basic level Spring brings renewal, summer transformation, winter contemplation and fall in all its beautiful glory teaches us to let go, release and surrender.

Let go of the negative and unwanted aspects of life so that there is Space! Space for new growth, rebirth, and renewal.  Let go of what does not serve you so that there is a space for something to support you.

However this particular fall season I am being asked to surrender and let go of something very deep and very dear to me. Weather or not there will be actual separation is not certain but the lesson of letting go is frighteningly clear!  As I am becoming more and more aware of the lesson at hand, its depth and significance, it becomes more and more difficult to comprehend.  It is times like these where I find great solace and support in nature. Its as if there is common ground in nature, when you are among the trees and water, animals and wind you are free to be nature too! And when you are nature too you are truth, you are real and there is no other way to be.

We must surrender and gracefully accept change. For with out it new fruit would not come, new life and opportunities for growth would not come. We must let go, surrender and go with the flow!

Great growth will come of this!

I find this all great inspirations for a Fall cleanse. The opportunity  for self care and maintenance is completely supported by nature. I will do what nature does and start to let go of that which does not serve me.  I will let go of certain Ideas and beliefs about my self, ideas that I must always be doing, going or accomplishing something, ideas that i am at fault for this that or the other, i will let go of the idea that i only exist in one reality, and the idea that i am any title.

I surrender to the moment and lessons at hand and intend be with them fully.  May you so the same.

Happy Fall!