Holiday Gift Ideas From Banyan Botanicals

If you are looking for some special meaningful health enriching gifts this season, check out Banyan Botanicals. Some of my favorites are…

Beauty Balm isn’t just about looking beautiful: it’s also about deep nourishment that helps you feel beautiful from the outside-in. Give the ones you love the opportunity to cherish themselves with this versatile and go-to beauty product! This award winning balm is used as a skin cream, eye cream, hand cream, lip balm, and a general moisturizer for everything from elbows and knees to cuticles.

Looking for new ways to bring comfort to your loved ones? You might be surprised by how soothing and calming it feels to put a bit in your nose. Banyan Nasya Oil is the best way to do this. A base of olive and sesame oils delivers powerful and protective Ayurvedic herbs to your nasal passages and beyond. Help relieve occasional sinus congestion, stress and tension, and improve the quality of the voice.

A new and awesome treat this season is the Daily Swish Oil. Help your loved ones shine this holiday season! Daily Swish Ayurvedic Oil Pulling promotes white teeth, fresh breath, and healthy teeth and gums. Its refreshing and natural mint taste is the bow on top of this swishing oil! What a refreshing way to eliminate toxins too!

For more amazing ideas visit Banyan Botanicals.