Guided Ayurvedic Cleanse — Let Go and Let Grow

If you’ve been wanting to make a change in your life. If you have even been remotely considering a cleanse; Then I highly encourage you to join me for this tailored cleansing experience, steeped in Ayurvedic and Yogic philosophy. I will personally guide you though each phase so that your body, mind and spirt are fully supported, cleansed and nourished.

Wondering if you need a cleanse?

Ask yourself if you…
  • struggle with digestive difficulties of any kind?
  • suffer from constipation, loose stools, or irregular bowel movements?
  • have intense cravings for spicy, salty, or sweet foods?
  • frequently lack energy or feel exhausted?
  • suffer from anxiety or stress?
  • have trouble sleeping or waking up?
  • have trouble focusing because my mind is scattered?
  • tend to feel foggy-headed or lethargic?
  • sense a subtle and undefined malaise?
  • just don’t feel as well as you think you should?
  • Do you not feel as good as you have in the past?

If you experienced any of the above signs and symptoms, a spring cleanse would be perfect to give your body just the pep it needs to sail through the coming year with fresh energy and enthusiasm!

Benefits of an Ayurvedic Cleanse include:

  • Restoring a sense of calm to the mind and the nervous system.
  • Fostering both clarity and groundedness in your mental, spiritual, and emotional spheres.
  • Nurturing an improved sense of energy, vitality, and enthusiasm for life.
  • Supporting the maintenance of a healthy body weight.
  • Restoring and maintaining balanced sleep cycles.
  • Promoting regular and balanced elimination.
  • Recovering your natural state of balance.
  • Preparing the bodily tissues for deep nourishment and rejuvenation.
  • Promoting optimal health and longevity.

Is a Cleanse right for you?

Cleansing is an energetic draw; the body will be working hard to detox, and this takes tremendous energy. Cleansing is not for everyone, if you are experiencing any of the following this cleanse in NOT for you:

  • Pregnant or breast-feeding women
  • Women who are menstruating or who would start menstruating during the cleanse
  • Persons with acute illness
  • Persons unable to stop drinking or smoking
  • Those under the age of 17 or over the age of 80

If done correctly, a spring cleanse strengthens and revitalizes your digestive fire throughout the system and helps to eliminate toxins that might otherwise inhibit your body’s intelligence. Cleansing can serve to initiate a powerful process of renewal and healing on many levels. Treat your body to this streamlined protocol designed specifically to awaken your inherent healing ability!

Some Details of an Ayurvedic Home Cleanse

The main purpose of a cleanse is to allow the digestive system to have a break so that in can more thoroughly work on clearing built-up toxins in the deep tissues. Toxins accumulate due to wrong food combining, undigested foods, and unprocessed thoughts and emotions. Wrong lifestyle choices for your constitution also affect whether toxins are welcomed in your body or not.

By eating a simple yet nourishing diet, oil therapies, and engaging in reflective practice, you will begin to bring your whole being into balance with nature. This protocol also includes gentle breathing exercises along with yoga practice to facilitate radical change in your health and happiness.

Traditionally an Ayurvedic cleanse happens in phases. There is a special order that maintains the efficacy of this wonderful detoxification program!


Internal Oleation
Oil is ingested to rehydrate the deep tissues of the body. This allows toxins to lose their grip and slide off towards the digestive tract for elimination. Internal oleation is much like moistening a kitchen sponge to release any dried food particles that have accumulated. Without oleation, those toxins and other morbid waste by-products will continue to clog up your body.


External Oleation and Purgation
After three days of internal oleation it is time to further soften the body with external oil. This ensures that the body is strong and flexible enough to endure the intense cleansing protocol ahead. This also further binds toxins near the surface of the skin to be rinsed off in a hot shower.

kitchari1A simple mono diet will be implemented to give the body high quality nourishment while also being extremely easy to digest. This allows you to focus on detoxification rather than digesting a heavy complicated meal. The food will act as an internal purifier to further bind and remove toxins from the digestive tract through elimination.

Optional medicated herbal enema will be self administered to ensure the proper direction and function of the internal ecosystem.  Relieving GI disorders, pain and fatigue.

breathingGentle Yoga and Breathing Practice
Suggestions will be given to support your personal detoxification process with breathing exercises and yoga specific to your constitution and individual needs.

ShirodharaAyurvedic Treatments

Additional Optional treatments are available such as Shirodhara, Netra Basti and Abhyanga to aid your intention of fully clearing any stagnation, congestion, or toxins from your deep tissues. Visit our Treatments section for more information or speak with Cory to see if one of these would be ideal for you.

It is important to give yourself ample rest and opportunities to reflect after all the intense cleaning your body just did. The most essential phase of this Spring Cleanse Program is the rejuvenation process. The body must be gently reintroduced to your regular diet, lifestyle, and activities. Without proper rejuvenation, the benefits of all your hard work will be lost.

Cleanse Packages

#1 Simple Home Cleanse

Guided Cleanse $63

Full Ayurvedic Consultation 

One Abhyanga 

One Super Shiro Dhara 

One External Basti

Total $423

Package Rate $378

Please contact Cory if you are interested in a cleanse package!

#2 Love Thy Self

Simple Home Cleanse 


Two Person Abhyanga 

One Super Shiro Dhara 

One External Basti

One Double Netra

Total $452 

Package Rate $402

Please contact Cory if you are interested in a cleanse package!

#3 Love Comes in many packages

Simple Home Cleanse 


Two abhyanga 

One super shirodhara

One External Basti 

3 days of prepared Kitchari 

Total $488 

Package Rate $438

Please contact Cory if you are interested in a cleanse package!

Your Cleanse Includes

  • Fall Cleanse  $81includes…Cleanse booklet PDF including daily tracking sheets, recipes and food lists.Guided video instruction for Ayurvedic Self treatments20 min Ayurvedic Skype evaluation (in person available in ABQ NM)Access to pre recorded cleanse specific yoga, including breathing exercises and meditation3 x 60 minute cleanse specific Online webinars for support and inspiration.

    Daily inspirational email

    10% discount on Ayurvedic Treatments

Deluxe Ayurvedic Cleanse Kit along with other cleanse items are available from

Banyan Botanicals

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Additional Consultations

If you would like additional support Cory will be available for Ayurvedic Consultations to help assess more specific guidelines for your cleanse. If you are interested in a pre-cleanse consultation for an additional fee please contact Cory. Cleanse clients will receive a 20% discount off Full Ayurvedic consultations and 10% off treatments.

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