Courses can be offered as CEU for Yoga Alliance or NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association)

This is a list of workshop ideas with suggested minimal time for each class.  I am happy to tailor workshops and curriculum to best suit the needs of your school or studio.

Introduction to Ayurveda: 

These works shops are a means of introducing students to the basic concepts and foundations of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Part I.

What is Ayurveda and Where does it come from; Intro to Philosophies of Ayurveda  (Shad Darshan) – 4hr

Gunas (universal attributes) and Doshic Theory – 3hr

Ayurvedic Constitutional Assessment – Prakruti/Vikruti – 3hr

The 3 Dosha and their sub-types – 3 hr

Agni The Digestive Fire – 3hr

Part II.

Digestion and Nutrition; The six tastes and their effect of the dosha – 3hr

Ojas, Tejas and Prana; the subtle energetic forms – 3hr

Sapta Dhatu – 7 Tissue Systems of Ayurveda – 6hr


Supplemental Workshops:

Offered as means deepening students understanding. 

Shad Darshan; Going deeper in to the Philosophies of India and how Ayurveda uses them –  3hr

Deepen Your Doshic Understanding; Diet and Life style for Vata Pitta Kahpa – 3hr

Tending to your Temple; The Art and Science of Dinacharya – 3hr

Kitchen Pharmacy; The healing art behind Ayurvedic Cooking; Looking at common herbs and spices – 3hr

Marma points of Ayurveda; The energetic pathways for healing body, mind and consciousness – 3hr

Ayurveda for your Yoga; Make it personal – Blending Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda for a tailor made experience – 3hr

Ayurveda for Yoga Therapists and Yoga Teachers; The lens of Ayurveda allows us to see our students and their needs both physical and emotional. This allows us to create a yoga experience that best suits each individual. – 4hr


Advanced Workshops:

The disease process – Ayurvedic Pathology 3hr (specific pathologies TBD)

Ayurvedic Assessment:

Trividya Parikshanam (3 categories of clinical examination) – 3hr

Asthavidya Parikshanam (8 methods of clinical examination) – 4hr

Pulse Skills  – The ancient art of Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnostic – 8-10hr

(best if taught in 3 or 4 modules)

Panchakarma; 5 Cleansing Methods – 3hr

Seasonal Workshops: Ayurveda for … Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall – 3hr

Ayurvedic Cleansing – Guided home PK  – will take a group of individuals through a home Ayurvedic cleanse. Includes check in phone calls, group meetings, cooking class, personalized yoga. This can be tailored for 5 -18 days depending on the needs of your community.